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Diary of a Thelemite

24 August 1964
Frater Lux Summos Deus
Thelemic Magickian

Member of the A A since 1986.
Baptized & Confirmed in the EGC
Member of the Ordo Templi Orientis since 1989.
Priest and Consort of our Lady BABALON
Priest of the Rosslyn Coven of the Hawk and Jackal
Past Master - Rosslyn - O.T.O.
Past Communications Officer - Thelema Lodge - O.T.O.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

How does one truly described themselves? Let’s start here:

Who am “I”?

I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am Life, and the giver of Life…

I am a Mystic Traveler, a Thelemite and a Gnostic.

Where did I come from?

I (like everyone else) came from “Heaven” at the bequest of Father God (OM) and Mother Goddess (AZNA). I affectionately call them RA and BABALON, Horus and Sophia, so many names, so many faces and yet only one voice. I have heard the voice of God and Goddess, I have walked with them between lives, and in all of this I have to say one thing is key to it all: LOVE.

Why am I here (again) ?

I came to experience life, to continue to learn, to aid my fellow man by teaching Spiritual truths and to help the human race on its path of spiritual enlightenment and perfection. I am an old Soul, an eternal being, first manifesting on a planet named ADAR, later (much later) on Earth in ancient Egypt some 6,328 years ago and now, this is my 42nd life on Earth. I know God and I know the Goddess, and I am deeply spiritual.

What do I stand for?

Love – mind, body and soul. I am not religious (by this world’s standards). I believe in and Love God and the Goddess. I treat all people as I would treat myself – with Love, respect and honor. I believe in honesty, integrity, equality and personal freedom. I abhor racism, sexism, hatred and anger.

I live my life through my heart. I believe in love and compassion, but I am no fool and I will not allow people to treat me poorly. I live by the code of the Knights Templar.

Beauty, Freedom, Truth, Love!

If you believe in these then you too are a true Bohemian revolutionary and a Thelemite!

How do I prefer to be treated?

With respect, kindness, love and compassion.

How do I Love?

Nothing compares to a woman that I share loving intimacy with. I have a naturally intense sexuality that is untapped until she is able to evoke me. I reserve expressing my love for those women who feel that they are worthy and willing. There is nothing like a woman's touch and sex alone can never offer the sweetness of touching souls. Only the woman that I am in love with can surpass the simple pleasures and distractions of this life.

What has happened in this life?

For this life I was born in Jefferson City, Missouri on August 24th, 1964. Being 1/3 Native American (Cherokee), 1/3 English and 1/3 Scottish my family background is rich in history. I was born into a family that has fought in the 1st crusades, survived the dark times while living in England, later migrating to America at the beginning of the colonies, fought with General Washington at Williamsburg bridge (it was later named after our family), married into the Cherokee nation, established the first medical facility on the Cherokee reservation (Dr. J.D. Williams), moved on later and established the town of Flippen, Arkansas and Flippen, Missouri, become part of the Senate (Senator J. Williams of Missouri) and then later migrated to California. Our family has been very fortunate to have had the foresight to always keep documents, pass them on to family, and always to remember our past.

In my early years I was brought up as a Catholic. Yet my grandfather taught me some of the old Native American ways before "the Great Spirit" took him back home. I have been fortunate to have learned much from each arena and yet able to expand upon my knowledge by continue studies of other religions and beliefs. It was around 1984 that I began to study the Torah and Zohar. By 1986 I had learned a bit of the Qabalah and had ventured forth into the realm of "Magick". It was early 1986 when I picked up a copy of Magick in Theory and Practice. I spent the year reading through MTP several times, practicing the basic rituals, and adhering to the logic therein before taking the step forward into the A A . I was guided by the God and the Goddess and was a great and illuminating step I took! Over the next 3 years I studied many of the finely written books created by the Master Therion, Israel Regardie, Jack Parsons, Socrate, and others. It was during the summer of 1989 that I stepped into that fateful occult bookstore (Ancient Ways) and met Ebony Anpu. After talking to Ebony I decided to attend his classes on Magick. It was Ebony who introduced me to the O.T.O. and was he that later initiated me into the Order.

I joined in with Ebony on his second coven of the Hawk and Jackal by early 1990. Over the next two years the coven practiced the Silver, Gold and Tesseract rites with a group of like minded magickians. The group ranged from four to twelve people at a time always keeping a good balance of male and female students. The workings were successful and many a good time was had by all! But alas, as all good things must come to an end, so did the second coven of the Hawk and Jackal. By the end of the second year of workings the green demon of jealousy had arisen within the newest members who could not fully grasp the ideas of working with Tantric Magick. The group was dissolved and many paired off to create our own covens in other areas. Ebony's second coven was the longest running Hawk and Jackal coven of that time.

I soon formed a new coven, with my then priestess, down in the Hayward California area and we continued the Silver, Gold and Tesseract rites. The Hawk and Jackal coven at Rosslyn has lasted up to this very day. Though various priestesses and members have come and gone, the coven has survived. As Ebony and I had often said: "Every man and every woman is a star! We each have our orbit and for a time we are fortunate to share that orbit with others until it comes to a point that their will takes them off on their appointed journey".

It was in 1990 that I had established "Rosslyn Sanctuary" and the "Temple of the Rose". The main focus of the body was that of the Hawk and Jackal rites as well as my personal magickal endeavors in Enochian Magick. One item of particular interest was that during the 1990's I re-created Parson's BABALON workings. I was successful in creating the workings, making contact with BABALON and then expanding upon the rites with the aid of 3 other teams (pairs) of Magickians. With a total of 4 pairs (male/female) of working partners we managed to glean some rather historic, and most certainly significant, knowledge from our lady BABALON. It was, in fact, five years of hard work, serious research, and long rituals that accomplished what many had thought could not be done.

The Sanctuary took on the duty of an O.T.O. body for almost 5 years as "Rosslyn Camp, O.T.O.". The camp itself prospered for the first three years, yet, due to the politics of various unscrupulous individuals in the area, the camp never really got off of the ground, as many members had hoped and worked hard for. I closed the camp and the politics of the time where the main cause. In fact, I almost threw in the towel with regards to the O.T.O. However, being the die-hard Thelemite at the time who believed in the O.T.O. as it originally was intended to be, I did not leave. As Ebony once told me: "The O.T.O. is like a beautiful woman who will break your heart at times and raise you to the highest elevations at other times". So, instead, my wife and I moved everything up to Southern Oregon and began anew. We had purchased a large parcel of acreage in late 2001. Now that we had closed the camp and walked away from the Bay Area, we were full-force into creating a Thelemic community that was Organically based. In the Southern Oregon area we are free to conduct rituals at any time, out in the woods, and naked (if we want too) without the fear of being persecuted or jailed on false charges. America, land of the free? Brother, that all depends where you are. This especially rings true during these days of Republican right-wing dominance. I kid you not!

We completed the re-establishment of Rosslyn Sanctuary in early 2002 in the Southern Oregon area. The building of the Organic gardens has been long under way. We are working on forest management of the surrounding acreage with a keen eye on encouraging local animal life to live here. The cabal of the Hawk and Jackal continues the Silver, Gold and Tesseract rituals as it has years before. The silence of the area has contributed to deeper studies into the Magickal arts. The library continues to grow, and, as always, Rosslyn Sanctuary has a very large library of A A Libers, O.T.O. photos, Aleister Crowley works, and much more. The archive has been the combined work of Mark Newcomb and Ebony Anpu with additional works contributed by Bill Heidrick and Rusty Sporor.

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